Thursday, September 23, 2010

The announcement....

While it wasn't about a fifth gate, a new ride or new resort, Disney did announce today that the 2011 theme will be "Let the Memories Begin!"

Disney has set up a new website,, where you can upload pictures and movies of your WDW trip.  Disney will use some of these pictures in their print and TV ads.  Plus, starting in January, some of these pictures will be illuminated onto Cinderella's Castle in WDW and "it's a small world" in DLR.

Are you excited about this theme?  Personally, I miss the Year of A Million Dreams!  

A Major Disney Announcement Today!!

I'm excited!!  Today at noon, Disney is making a major announcement concerning the Parks!  I've read all kinds of speculation from a new nation joining the World Showcase to a new DVC resort to a new park in Europe.  We shall see in just a few hours!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Mickey Mouse Penthouse @ DLR Revealed!

The Disney Parks Blog unveiled one of the most spectacular suites ever designed for Disney - the Mickey Mouse Penthouse (MMP) in the Disneyland Hotel!  

This ginormous suite - 1600 square feet! - is covered in All Things Mickey and decorated in traditional Mickey colors.  Think bold red, yellow and black.  There are two bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a living room, dining room and kitchen.  If you want a total immersion experience, this would be IT!

Below is the living room.   See the giant Mickey head right there in the ceiling?  There are even three flat screen TVs in that giant entertainment center! 

Check out the master bedroom.  A king size bed, another flat screen TV and loads of Mickey!  The description of the master bath just sounds delightful.  A steam shower, Jacuzzi tub and a mirror with a built in TV.  If you've never seen the TV in the mirror, it's a lot of fun.  On top of it all, there are special tiles in the shower that reveal a picture of Mickey when warm water hits the shower wall.  How fun is THAT?!

Even the second bedroom occupants get to have fun!  This room has a round bed.  Round!  There's also a high tech animation station in this bedroom.  I have no artistic talent, but perhaps I would with that kind of technology.  The kids also get to get ready for the parks in this fun bathroom.

Like with the BTRR suite, Disney's not publishing prices with this suite.  If you're interested, give DLR a call!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Free Shipping Ends Today!!! is currently offering FREE SHIPPING, but it ends TODAY!!!  This is a very big savings, as their shipping charges are usually pretty high.   This would be a great chance to get a leg up on Christmas shopping!  I know I'm definitely going to be looking at a few things.  You can even buy some Disney Parks merchandise online now as well.  Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I just can't help but remember...

It's been right at four years since we took our first family trip to WDW.  Little W Man was just three years old.  Big S Man hadn't been there since 1985 when he was eight, so it had been a very long while!  It was our first week long trip in 6 years, and we made the most of it.  The weather in Florida was still humid but getting a smidge cooler.  The best part - even with free dining, the crowds were minimal.  Twice - once on Test Track, once on Big Thunder - we were allowed to remain on the ride and do it again.  Now I always long to go back this time of the year!

What is your favorite time to go to WDW or Disneyland?