Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Want a treat but can't make it to the park?

I know that Disney food has its detractors, but I'm not one of them.  Food at Disney is part of the entire experience for me.  I have my favorite restaurants, my favorite snacks, my favorite meals and my favorite drinks (Grand Marnier orange slushie, anyone??).  

We just happened upon my favorite snack a few years ago.  We had quite a few snack credits left over, and in our last hours, we just grabbed up several Mickey Mouse crispy rice treats on a stick.  You know, the kind with chocolate covered ears.  If you are still not sure, here's a picture (from, not my own).

I had one once we got home, and it was love at first bite!  

WDW does make some of these on site, but most of the ones I've eaten have been made by an off site company called Selma's.  Selma's has two locations - one in Florida, and the other in Nevada.  They supply many of the prepackaged crispy rice treats at both WDW and DLR.

If you ever just start craving one of these lovelies and can't make it to the park, you can order similar treats straight from Selma's.  Of course, they won't be Mickey ears!  I've also happened upon Selma's crispy rice treats locally, as well as a few other venues like the Georgia Aquarium.  Yeah, not from Disney.  Yeah, not in a cute Disney shape.  But yeah, it's still the same taste and takes me right back to the parks!