Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Showing off your Disney pictures with Shutterfly holiday cards

It's that time of the year again.  It's time for Christmas cards and cards celebrating the holiday season in general.  When asked me to blog about their holiday cards and other products, I gladly said yes!

I've been going through my Disneyland trip pictures trying to find the *perfect* picture for my cards this year.  Last year, I used and just plugged my 2009 Disney pictures of the kiddos into the following card (note - this is not my actual card from last year, just the design):

The cards came out so cute!  Even though the card doesn't have Disney characters, it was an easy fit with my pictures.  It was so simple to do, and I was able customize my wording.  Once your pictures are uploaded onto, you can easily choose the pics you want and drop them in to place.  You can make it as Mickey-riffic as you wish!  This is the one I'm considering for personalizing for us this year.  I like it because this is actually on card stock.

I've got to say that I absolutely love using, and I use them for printing all of my Disney pictures.  You can also use for gifts like wall calendars and personalized mugs.  A few years ago, I did one of the calendars for my grandparents.  They still have it hanging up in their living room with it opened on their favorite page.  I've also made several of their photobooks using my Disney pictures as an easy way to save memories. is truly one of the reasons I do not use Disney's PhotoPass service very often.

After our trip to Disneyland, I had over 800 pictures to upload!  It was super simple to get them all online with, and I ordered all of the photos on a CD so I can have an easily accessible copy at home.  Now I just have to go through them and find THE perfect picture for my Christmas cards.